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Jeff Zack Apr 09 Announcements

Many of you may hear of an exploit on secure websites called "Heartbreak". We wanted to assure you DecisionSim is not impacted in any way by this exploit. Your web browser's connection to DecisionSim continues to be safe and secure.

Jeff Zack Feb 17 Announcements

In version 3.1.2, which went live last Saturday (2/15), authors are now able to set all the audio and video media in a simulation to auto-play.  When auto-play is enabled, audio and video will begin playing when the learner enters the node.

The Case Details page has a new checkbox to turn on audio and video auto-play for the simulation.  This box will not be checked as the default for new simulations.  Author's will need to check the box to activate auto-play for their simulation.  For all existing simulations, the box will be unchecked.

Note:  embedded YouTube and Vimeo video will not be effected by the auto-play setting.   Continue to add "?autoplay=1" to the end of the URL like this: <iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/pK2zYHWDZKo?autoplay=1" frameborder="0" width="560" height="315"></iframe> to enable auto-play in DecisionSim.


Additional changes in 3.1.2:

1. "Real Time" counter will stop when learner leaves a simulation and if the learner selects to resume case from prior session, "Real Time" counter will start from saved value.

2. Learners playing a simulation via LMS or single sign-on interface will now have the option to resume a prior simulation session, if the author has enabled this option on the case details page.

3. Long file names in the media gallery listing are now wrapped to improve display of the "Add" and "Delete" links.

4. Disabled link to case listing behind the DecisionSim logo on the player screen.

5. When creating a new simulation from the Case Listing page, the cursor focus moves to the title field so the author does not have to click in the field to enter the title of the new simulation.


Jeff Zack December 16, 2013 Announcements

A new report was added to the "Report" link on the case details page, the Simulation Content Report.  This report contains the node content (text, questions, choices, links, rules, counter changes, etc.) and simulation summary information (global rules, owner, co-authors, reviewers, etc.) from your simulation in a single document.  This report will facilitate simulation reviews by authors, co-authors, and reviewers.

The report is a beta release.  We are continuing to make improvements. At this point, we wanted to get this report in your hands to assist in authoring efforts and solicit feedback. Please send your suggestions for improvements to:  support@decisionsimulation.com 

To help you get started, the Simulation Content Report guide is attached.  It contains step-by-step directions on how to access, download, and understand the output of the report.

A couple of quick tips: 

1. Sort the report before downloading to Excel.  The report uses merged cells which sort just fine in the online viewer, but sorting in Excel is challenging.

2. Give a lot of thought to your node number scheme using the “Node ID” field.  This is the best field for sorting, if you use it. Even if you use numbers, it is still an alphanumeric field.  It only sorts alphabetically.  See the guide for suggestions.

3. Another useful sort field is “Date Last Updated” to identify nodes that have been recently edited.

Thanks for your support, and have fun with this...

Jeff Zack October 24, 2013 Announcements

We have completed the DecisionSim upgrade to version 3.1.1.   I have attached an addendum PDF to the Authors Guide with step-by-step instructions on uploading closed captioning files.  If you or your users encounter any issues with DecisionSim, please contact me our support site:  support@decisionsimulation.com .


New Feature: Closed Captioning

In version 3.1.1, you will be able to upload and make available closed captioning for MPEG4 (.MP4 extension) and Windows Media Video (.WMV extension) video files. Authors can upload the closed captioning file at the same time they upload a video file to the Media Gallery. DecisionSim will associate the uploaded closed captioning file with the uploaded video file, and make the closed captioning available to learners if they desire via controls on the video player.

Additional changes in 3.1.1:

  1. Allow authors to assign simulations to learners who have an expiration date in their account.
  2. Allow all authors to clone “Template” simulations.
  3. Minor improvements to HTML for Section 508 Accessibility compliance.
  4. Updated application login screen to match the style of our updated web site.


Jeff Zack August 01, 2013 Announcements

On August 1 Decision Simulation will be bringing you an upgrade to DecisionSim version 3.1. To perform this upgrade and scheduled maintenance, DecisionSim will be unavailable this Thursday, August 1 from 9PM EST to 11PM EST.

In version 3.1, you will have two additional video file formats to choose from. These formats are MPEG4 (.MP4 extension) and Windows Media Video (.WMV extension). MP4 video will provide a more universal format that will enable playback on iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as all personal computing operating systems. WMV video will allow many of our customers to utilize their existing library of video in DecisionSim.

As a reminder, if you have videos larger than 50 MB, you can host them videos on YouTube or Vimeo and embed them into your simulation. However, we do recommend keeping your videos short to retain your learners’ attention and to enhance usability. "

As of version 3.1, the supported multimedia formats are listed below:


Embedded - YouTube, Vimeo
Motion Pictures Expert Group 4 - .MP4
Windows Media Video - .WMV
Quicktime - .MOV
Flash - .FLV and .SWF


MPEG3 - .MP3


Joint Photographics Expert Group - .JPG and .JPEG
Compuserve Graphical Interchange Format - .GIF
Portable Network Graphics - .PNG
Adobe PDF - .PDF


Microsoft Office - .DOC, .DOCX, .XLS, .XLSX, .PPT, .PPTX